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Now this online-postprocessor UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!
Of course, you can test it, but - dont send any NC-program to your CNC Machine.
When postprocessor will be ready for real job - this message will be removed.
is online postprocessor for translation CLS-file from NX CAM or other CAM-systems to NC-program for CNC Machines, and in this case .xyz extension for this site - best choice!
How it works? Very easy!
You no need postprocessor, just export CLS-file for your NX CAM operation, open ONLINE-POSTPROCESSOR.XYZ, set some parameters (Fixture Offset Number, for example) and send your CLS-file to online-postprocessor. After few seconds you will see NC-program for your CNC Machine. You can use mobile phone or tablet and send CLS-file from "cloud".
How to output CLS-file from NX?
You can output CLS-file and use CLSF_STANDARD option
CLSF output

Coming soon!

Postprocessor for DMG MORI 635V ecoline
Postprocessor for HY3040 5-axis A-table C-table